Hypnotherapy/ Counselling

Hypnotherapy uses traditional counselling techniques, for the conscious elements of an issue and uses subconscious healing principles, for the underlying factors that contribute to issues in everyday life.

Working together on an agreed number of sessions - we will explore your beliefs, dreams, goals and desires. Together we can clear out any energetic blocks so that you can heal your old wounds, find out who you really are and move into a better and brighter future.

Soul plan

A Soul Plan is based on the energies of your birth name. A Soul Plan reading allows you to explore your worldly and spiritual challenges and how you might activate your goals, dreams and desires. I have witnessed how liberating a soul plan reading can be, as it can help you figure out why you are not where you want to be in your life and it offers you opportunities to reconnect with your own inner wisdom.


Soul Plan Reading

I will need your full birth name in advance - the reading typically takes one hour. £65

Hypnotherapy/ Counselling

Sessions typically last one hour at £40.