Seek The Light Within

I have always been a spiritual person, I would go somewhere and feel the atmosphere or energy good and bad.  I would have very strong feelings when I knew something was wrong, I have had dreams that held messages.  And then life was very uncomfortable for a while forcing me to re-evaluate all aspects and decide on what I really wanted to do ā€“ with no excuses. I could have blamed events and I had several things that would have earned me sympathy but at some point, you must take stock and take responsibility for your own life.  The only thing you are truly responsible for is keeping yourself emotionally and physically well and at times we do need help and support for both things but again it is our responsibility to either seek or accept help when it is needed.

On my spiritual journey, I have learned many things, the importance of having quiet time, a time for reflection, a time to allow your brain to process all the many things that happen and a time to re-connect with the Universe.

Gratitude for me is a way of connecting with the Universe ā€“ I am very mindful of my own negative thoughts and whilst we all have a shadow side, I choose to feed my brain more positive thoughts and just being grateful for what you have, what you see, what you feel and what you experience can change your reality and your perspective.  I actively try now to engage in random acts of kindness, giving a surprise gift, a smile, a compliment or even just time.  When you begin doing this ā€“ you also become very aware of how many kind people there are.  Because while you give, you also need to be able to receive the smile, the compliment, the time and effort someone has given you.

Iā€™m also much more aware of giving thanks even for the challenges in my life and God knows there has been a few of them.  But to coin an old phrase some of them literally have been character building and have allowed me to grow and learn and evolve. Whilst amid a challenging time it is often hard to see the silver lining, that is the time to trust in the process, in the bigger picture and allow the universe to work its magic.

We really do live in a magical world full of wonder!

Caroline Taliadoros